luni, 16 februarie 2009

Nu-i asa ca seamana cu un iPhone?

AK322L Multimedia AP
With across-the-board optimization of system and module design, AK322L mobile multimedia application processor, which is pin-to-pin compatible with AK3224M, is a member of AK32XX family with greatly enhanced performance. The CPU working frequency is heightened to 192MHz. AK322L is the first among AK322X series to integrate MMC 4.0/SD2.0 interface, effectively speeding up data transmission between MMC/SD card and memory. Its audio performance is significantly enhanced by improvement of audio processor as well.
For customers' convenience, open development platforms and complete solutions of mobile phone based on AK322L are available to develop diversified multimedia wireless handheld devices with simplest structure, lowest cost and fastest time to market. Currently, solutions supporting GPS and digital TV are ready, which can be flexibly accompanied by the market available modes of baseband processors, namely, GSM/GPRS/EDGE/CDMA, TD-SCDMA, and WCDMA,

Key Features:
·Provisions of open development platforms and complete reference designs to shorten
customers' internal R&D period
·High integration (integrating touch screen interface, ADC (voice recording), high-
resolution audio DACs, headphone driver and power amplifier)
·Supporting open OS
·Superior video processing (MPEG4/H.263/M-JPEG hardware codec)
·Great audio processing (AAC/AAC+/MP3/WMA/MIDI decoding, AMR codec) capability
·Outstanding image processing (JPEG hardware codec)
·Advanced power management
·Supporting more than one piece of high capacity Nand Flash, T-Flash, MMC,SD/mini SD
·244-pin BGA package

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